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The Best Steak Tips

Sat, 2017-07-29 13:54 -- Carole Soule

Want to have the best steak tips, ever?  Try this recipe and sign up for our "Weekly Meal Share" where each week you will receive a "Meal in A Box," with most of the ingredients to make a meal for two.  Watch here while Farmer Carole and Tazzy make this dish on WMUR Cook's Corner.


Grassfed beef flap meat

1 batch of Teriyaki Marinade (separate recipe)


Open the beef packages

Lay out strips of meat

With a sharp filet knife remove the thin "silver skin" on the beef.  The silver skin, when cooked, shrinks up and makes the beef it's attached to tough.  This will also allow the marinade to better soak into the beef and will create a tender piece of meat. To remove the silver skin: loosen the edge of the silver skin with the tip of the knife.  Insert the knife so that it goes across the section of beef just under where the silver skin is attached.  Insert far enough so that the tip of the knife is sticking out the other side.  With slight pressure of the knife blade tilted toward the silver skin, hold the loosened section so that the silver skin is taut.  Move the filet knife along the silver skin to remove.  Repeat until all the silver skin is removed.

Marinate in the Teriyaki marinade in the refigerator for 1 to 36 hours.  It can be in a glass covered dish or zip lock bag.  

Remove from marinade. 

Grill or pan fry until brown.  Don't over cook.

Serve with Broccoli Slaw


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