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Are you a Half or Whole Person?

Tue, 2017-01-31 16:12 -- Carole Soule

“Oh my, that is too much meat. I can't eat that much meat, really,” is a comment I hear a lot. “Wow, what a great price and value. I can put all meat in the freezer and not worry for a long time about where I'll get grass fed ground beef,” is also a comment I hear. Which are you?

Do you 1) like to go the grocery store or farm frequently to get your meat? Or do you 2) like to make a quick trip to your freezer to get meat?

If you like to keep a good supply of meat in your freezer then you not only are saving money but you are helping local farmers. When meat is processed the two halves of a carcass are hung for about 2 weeks in a refrigerated room. Each half is then cut up to produce steaks, roasts and ground beef. When you buy a half of a steer you're helping the farmer because you take all of the cuts. The farmer doesn't need to find a buyer for the extra bits.

A Grassfed rib roast

You helped yourself because you know exactly what meat is in the freezer. You'll never have to guess where to find locally-raised meat. When you purchase a side of beef, all your beef is already home. So when you’re wondering what to have for dinner you will have a whole freezer to chose from. You'll eat well and save money too.

When purchasing local grass fed beef by the side, the average pound of meat is between $8-$9. That means you'll have tenderloin, rib steaks, t-bones, porterhouse and more for the about the same price as ground beef. Yahoo

So are you a person who wants to buy a half and animal or a whole animal?  Which ever you do, you'll save money, eat well and help a farmer all bundled up in a side of beef!  

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