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Apartment Remodeling, Pig Style

Mon, 2014-08-11 22:01 -- Carole Soule

We still have five piglets, two boys and three girls. Charlotte gave birth to seven piglets exactly three months, three weeks and three days from when she was bred. Five of the babies survived and live with mother pig, Charlotte, in a shed divided by a cattle panel. The piglets could run underneath the panel but Charlotte was restricted to one side. We stood safely (or so we thought) on our side of the panel while the piglets visited us. Duncan and Olivia were petting the babies on the people side of the shed until one little piglet let out a squeal. I don't think she lifted the shed off its foundation but Charlotte bent the dividing panel, charging underneath while Duncan and Olivia scrambled up the walls.

Charlotte only seemed interested “saving” her baby and once the piglet stopped squealing she let Duncan and Olivia leave the shed. Later we removed the useless, bent dividing panel so the family now has bigger “apartment”. We also starting letting Charlotte out a few times a day for quality mother time away from her babies and so we could clean the shed and socialize the piglets. While Charlotte roots around the farm I will sit quietly in the pen while the five squirmy little piglets come over to chew on my boots, pants and sometimes my shirt. One crawled into my lap today.



After about half and hour of digging up the barn yard and flopping in the bird's swimming pool, Charlotte rejoins her babies with grunts, chirps and snorts of delight while I stand outside her remodeled apartment.


We will continue to socialize the piglets and wean them for Farm Day which is on Sunday, October 12th (10am-4pm) this year. Meanwhile stop by and meet these cuties and help us decide if we should breed Charlotte again. What do you think, would the world be a better place with more piglets in it?

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