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About Our Farm

Healthy for the environment! Healthy for you!

Miles Smith Farm is a 36 acre farm in Loudon, New Hampshire. The 36 acres combines part of a farm owned by Miles Smith in the 1850's and two neighboring farms. Most of the land is pasture. The cattle we raise are grass fed on the farm's and about 300 acres we lease around the state. All of our cattle are raised in the state of New Hampshire, so our meat is truly from New Hampshire.  Because we can't raise enough cattle ourselves we buy animals from other local farmers who follow similar practices.

We work with other farmers on market and policy alternatives that protect and maintain biodiversity while supporting local farms that provide healthy, locally raised meat. We advocate for policies and practices that will sustain small family farms.

Today we are committed to growing our youth in healthy environments as well.  The farm hosts the Highland Riders 4H Club. Highland Riders work with our cattle and show the animals at the Hopkinton and Deerfield County Fairs.

Farmers Bruce and Carole

Our Philosophy

Creating and sustaining community is a mission shared by Miles Smith Farm employees, farm friends and customers alike. We are each the Farm and all that it embodies - a natural, kind and inviting environment, a shared sense of responsibility and a happy life. Through collaboration, we can enhance the lives of all.

Our Animals

We carry the farming tradition by raising Scottish Highlander Cattle on the property. Our natural farming practices return value to the land - by using natural fertilizer, (manure) instead of chemical fertilizers (NPK). The manure provides soil nutrients for the pasture and a more diverse flora than NPK does. 

Bruce and Carole chose to raise Scottish Highlander Cattle because they: 

  • Are well adapted to our climate and don't need to be wintered in barns.
  • Produce low-fat meat.
  • Have strong maternal instincts.
  • Are excellent protectors
  • Look stunning – we can watch them all day.

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