Snow is melting, the sun is shinning, my dog got sprayed by a skunk! Spring is sneaking up on us. Don't forget to register for Easter on the Farm on April 8, 2023.

About Our Farm

Healthy for the environment! Healthy for you!

Are you busy? Don't have time to prepare the perfect meal? We agree it should be easy to think of a delicious meal to nourish you and your family. That's why we farm, so that you have access to delicious, locally raised beef, pork, and lamb.

We raise Scottish Highlander cattle, the ones with shaggy coats and long horns, as well as Angus cross cows, steers, and bulls. Some are destined for the freezer. Others live out their lives raising calves and eating grass on our 37-acre hilltop farm in Loudon, New Hampshire.

You are invited to visit the farm and see how we treat our livestock.

All of our animals are loved, but not all are pets.

Farmers Bruce and Carole

Our Philosophy

Supporting a small family farm means you love local farms as much as we do. Delicious locally raised meat is the solution. Healthy meat means a healthy you and a happy family.

Our Animals

Bruce and Carole chose to raise Scottish Highlander Cattle because they: 

  • Don't need to be wintered in barns.
  • Produce low-fat meat.
  • Look stunning – we can watch them all day.