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The Whole Steer at Black Trumpet in Portsmouth, NH

Sat, 2015-03-21 11:12 -- Carole Soule

"For thousands of years humans have worked with the whole animal, and in today's America we are beginning to see a return to charcuterie and preservation techniques that make whole animal utilization both creative and possible," read the post. "With each new animal that lands on the Black Trumpet's butcher's bench, we look forward to exploring new ways of working with meat that will highlight the deliciousness while paying homage to a life that has been sacrificed so that we can nourish ourselves."

The Portsmouth bistro began featuring a new dish six days later, a rotating special of sorts, named after the animal being served: A steer named George, from Miles Smith Farm.

George was born in Loudon, and spent the two summers of his life at Emery Farm in Durham. He was entirely pasture-raised and grass-fed, an important note as many "grass-fed" cows are finished on corn feed.

 Miles Smith farmer Carole Soule feels strongly about the changes Black Trumpet is trying to make.

Read more in the Portsmouth Herald here.

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