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Seasoned Beef & Hot Dogs

Miles Smith Farm has introduced a new line of Seasoned Ground Beef into our product list.
We have three seasoning combinations that are available in patty form:

  • Breakfast Seasoning
  • Hot Italian Seasoning
  • Sweet Italian Seasoning

Seasoned Beef
Please try some and tell us what you think!

The seasoned beef is an all beef product made from animals we raised on pasture. It is rather lean, and very healthy, so it has all the taste without the fat. As with all lean meat, when overcooked the result is drier and chewier, so caution when cooking this product up to not overcook it.

This product line is a result of a Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) Miles Smith Farm received from the USDA. This grant was provided to help us experiment with various production and sales methodologies. So please, help us by providing your feedback!

Our first product line was for patties and links with the following flavors: Breakfast, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian. People have their individual flavor preferences, but the breakfast patties had the highest sales volume; so we had to determine if it was the flavor or the patties. Customers indicated the patties were more versatile as they could crush the patties if they wanted bulk ground sausage. 

In the second production run, we decided to go with all patties (no links), but keep the three flavors (because that's the three flavors are the three most sought by customers). So we will be offering only patties in the future. We may also provide bulk packaging at a future date (in packages similar to our Ground Beef).

There are numerous recipes available for sausages - please see our Recipes page for a list.

A new part of this line has branched off into Hot Dogs!

Hot Dogs

Yes, nitrite free, grass fed and finished beef Hot Dogs made from our beef! These delicious hot dogs are a convenient and healthy alternative, made with natural ingredients and smoked to perfection and a delight to savor.

We hope you will try some of these superb little delights on the grill or griddle!

Thank you for purchasing locally raised beef!

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