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Composted Cow Manure by the bag

Composted Cow Manure by the Bag for $5 per bag, save $1 with refill, if you return our bag.

Composted Horse Manure by the Bag for $4 per bag, save $1 with refill, if you return our bag.

Also available by the pickup truck load.  We'll fill your truck.

Delivery is also available in 1 ton (3 yards) or larger (8 yards) truck loads.  Call for pricing.

Our cow manure is not screened. That means there can be small to medium rocks in the manure. There is also sand mixed with the manure as we use sand for a base for the cows winter area.

Pickup truck loads - we will load your truck

    • Composted Cow Manure: $35/bucket load (approx. 1/2 cu yard)
    • Composted Horse Manure $25/bucket load (approx. 1/2 cu yard)

    One, two or four ton dump truck loads delivered (call for pricing)

      • Composted Cow Manure  
      • Composted Horse Manure 

      * Note that weights will vary depending on weather, age of compost, and composition. Miles Smith Farm reserves the right not to fill a truck if the tractor operator believes there's a possibility of overloading the truck.

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