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Five Little Piggies

Wed, 2018-01-17 19:10 -- Carole Soule
Five Guinea Hog/Tamworth pigs are additions to the farm piggery

Today I delivered Smokey, a 3 year old Scottish Highlander bull, to Paul, a farmer in Boscawen, who wants his cows bred.  I dropped off a bull and came home with five pigs.  If you remember I was complaining about having thirty pigs a month ago but now we are down to fifteen pigs so why not add five more? 

Pigs can be a challenge to load but Paul had a unique plan that worked well.  He got the pigs into a box through a door in the back of the pig hut.  He lifted the box with forks on his tractor to the back of my stock trailer where we released the pigs.  The system worked well until the box slid off the forks to the ground.  The pigs inside the box didn't seem to mind but I'm sure were glad to get out of the box and into the trailer.  Check out this video.

The five piggies are still in the trailer tonight with lots of food and water. Tomorrow we'll introduce them to the rest of the pigs.  The five little pigs are extremely friendly and I'm willing to share them. Anyone want a pig?  A friend of mine told me he stopped raising pigs because they kept squealing on him :-)

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