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Piglet Integration into the Litter

Chipmunk, the sow, jumped to her feet, growled and grabbed Herman tossing him into the corner. Herman, a piglet injured at birth, had been away from his mom while he recovered from a birth injury. The skin on...

NASCOW Racing? Is that a Thing?

After two hours in a windowless, completely closed 12×12 box on the NASCAR track Clemy, a Scottish Highlander Miles Smith Farm cow who was sharing the box with me, was ready to leave. That morning at 7am Bruce had driven the stock...

Flies Can Kill a Calf

Even though I had washed several times, two maggots were squirming on my smartphone screen as I called my vet, Christina Murdock. A Highlander calf, born five days earlier, had an army of maggots on her back and legs which we were...

To Catch a Cow

The dirt road shimmered under my feet in the dark as if walking...

More Piglets are Born

Pinky was building a nest at the top of the hill. She pawed the ground and piled up sticks and grass on the bare patch of dirt. We had been waiting about two weeks for Pinky, our second pregnant sow, to give...

More Pig Drama

The three black baby pigs fought and squiggled into position until each latched onto a bottle nipple and started sucking. It's been two weeks since I became a “piggy momma” and I'm still...

What it Takes to be a Pig Mom

One of the piglets scurried back and forth on the floor, another tried to leap twice his height into the box holding the milk while the one I was...

The Cow Spa is OPEN!

It's Spring which means the Cow Spa is open! It's time to clean up the clippers, sharpen the scissors and schedule spa time for the cows and steers.

Cows in the Cemetery?

Sarah was in labor so I brought her to the holding area where I could keep watch. Sarah is a Scottish Highlander cow who had given birth to a lively, healthy calf last year. She was the first of our cows to...

What's that Buzz?

Every year, about this time, the three heritage apple trees in my backyard burst into blossom. Some years they whimper into spring with just a few buds but this year there is an abundance of blossoms. With...

Lawn Mooers At Work

Grass is growing, calves are being born, it must be Spring on the farm. With this warm weather and rain the grass is exploding from the ground and it's time to get those cows and steers to work; harvesting...

Life and Death On the Farm

“Do you process your cows on your farm?” The answer is, “Not if I want to sell the meat.” All meat we sell has to be processed at a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) inspected facility.

Why Eat Meat?


Counting Cows Makes Me Sleepy

“How many cows do you have,” is a seemingly easy question I get all the time. In order to know how many cows I have, I have to count them. That is the challenge.

When I run...

Calves, Calves, Calves

It is calving season at Miles Smith Farm.  How do I know?  Well, in July 2016 I put our herd bulls with the cows which means all my calves should be born nine months later.  

There's a Piggy In My Yard!

When you get a call from a neighbor at 5:30 in the morning it's probably not a social call. Whenever I get an early morning call it's...

Pigs and Beer, What's the Deal?

What do beer and pigs have in common? If you said, “Beer drinking pigs,” you might be right. I have seen pigs and other livestock drink beer but that is not what I had in mind.

Do We Milk Our Cows? Sometimes

The two day bull calf was weak and not interested in nursing on his mother, a red Scottish Highlander cow. The mother cow's teats were too large for this little fellow to get in his mouth. If...

Sap for Cows?

The black and white steer was clearly drinking sap from a maple bucket hanging from a tree pictured in a Facebook post. I thought that my cattle were the only “sap-sucking” culprits but, ...

Good Coyote, Bad Coyote

After over two hours in the woods searching for the lost calf we all stopped. In that spot the smell of death was overwhelming. The calf had been here but it was obvious he was gone forever....