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Counting Cows Makes Me Sleepy

“How many cows do you have,” is a seemingly easy question I get all the time. In order to know how many cows I have, I have to count them. That is the challenge.

When I run...

Calves, Calves, Calves

It is calving season at Miles Smith Farm.  How do I know?  Well, in July 2016 I put our herd bulls with the cows which means all my calves should be born nine months later.

There's a Piggy In My Yard!

When you get a call from a neighbor at 5:30 in the morning it's probably not a social call. Whenever I get an early morning call it's...

Pigs and Beer, What's the Deal?

What do beer and pigs have in common? If you said, “Beer drinking pigs,” you might be right. I have seen pigs and other livestock drink beer but that is not what I had in mind.

Do We Milk Our Cows? Sometimes

The two day bull calf was weak and not interested in nursing on his mother, a red Scottish Highlander cow. The mother cow's teats were too large for this little fellow to get in his mouth. If...

Sap for Cows?

The black and white steer was clearly drinking sap from a maple bucket hanging from a tree pictured in a Facebook post. I thought that my cattle were the only “sap-sucking” culprits but, ...

Good Coyote, Bad Coyote

After over two hours in the woods searching for the lost calf we all stopped. In that spot the smell of death was overwhelming. The calf had been here but it was obvious he was gone forever....

Making Ends Meet With Agritourism

“I want to see the Guinea Pig,” asked Mason. “No, Mason, it's a Mini Pig, not a Guinea Pig,” explained his mother. Mason, a five-year-old boy and his parents, were spending the night at our...

What do Cattle, Pigs and Kitchen Scraps have in Common?

Charlotte knocked the tub out of my hands and coleslaw tumbled to the ground. She was clearly excited about the kitchen scraps I was feeding, so excited she acted like a pig. Charlotte is actually a seven...

Are you a Half or Whole Person?

“Oh my, that is too much meat. I can't eat that much meat, really,” is a comment I hear a lot. “Wow, what a great price and value. I can put all meat in the freezer and not worry for a long time about where I...

Dances with Winter, Tales of Mud and Ice

It was going to be a cold night so Bruce and I had to work fast. Temperatures had been in the 40's and 50's for a few days and all the manure and water that was previously frozen had thawed to sea of six-inch...

Delinquent Calves

The scrap bucket was empty and the feed bunker a mess. Who had done this? Who would trash the hay and steal the pig food? This was clearly the work of the delinquents; Rowdy and Hemingway.

Teaching an Old Ox New Tricks

All four feet were off the ground as the thousand pound steer lept into the air. I didn't think a steer could jump so high but Stash was definitely airborne just to avoid stepping on a stone...

Farmers Helping Farmers

Do you know any farmers that “work out?” If you think I mean going to the gym, you're wrong. An old Yankee Farmer once told me that as a boy he lived with his grandfather and worked the farm....

Sign Language on the Farm

As the trailer backed into the holding pen I put up my hand to signal stop just before it hit the building. The truck driver, my husband Bruce, understood and stopped the rig at just the right spot.

I've Been Bullied

I was bullied, not by a four legged beast, but by the two legged kind. Yes, we have bulls on the farm but most of our bulls are well behaved and polite, not so much the human bully.

Red Needs a Job

Red is looking for a job and he'll work for food. Red loves to eat hay and doesn't even need health care as he has never been sick. He was one of pair of working steers. The team worked well until Red outgrew...

Turkey Talk

Through the picture window in my bedroom the outl

Going South

Everyone was snarky. The wind was gusting, the cattle were hungry and my fingers were frozen.

Freezing Farmers and Equipment

I knew it was coming. Leaves had fallen off the trees, the grass stopped growing and that dusting of snow was a clear sign but still I resisted. The morning the Bobcat would not start sealed it. Winter is...